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My Most Used Highlighters Includes Swatches

Friday, February 17, 2017
Highlighters for pale skin

Shine so they can see you from the moon right? Every time I wear makeup I always wear highlighter. Even if I wear the most natural makeup I pop some highlighter on just to add that little sparkle. I own quite a few highlighters but there are some I use way more than others. I find you can get just as good highlighters in the drugstore as you can in the highend so I have some in this post for every budget.

Ten Things I Love | Random, Funny, Life | Lifestyle

Wednesday, February 15, 2017
Disney, Spectrum Brushes, Things I Love, Urban Decay

Sometimes in life it is good to think of the positives and things that make you happy. Some of the things that make me happy are small and some of them are silly. Im one of those people in any situation I am the one to make a joke or try to make people smile as I would rather do that than cry. Keep on reading to see what makes me happy whether its silly, little or big!

Updated Skincare Routine for Oily/Combination Skin

Monday, February 13, 2017

Skincare Products for Combination Skin, Skin routine for oily skin

Over the past 6 months my skin has slightly changed. It used to be just oily but now it ranges between oily-combination. I have oily skin on the outer corners of my nose and my chin then I sometimes get small dry patches on my cheeks. My forehead is normal. I have recently got into a routine that works perfectly. It helps to reduce shine and it helps prevent dry patches.

Milani Makeup Reviews & Swatches*

Friday, February 10, 2017
Milani Makeup Review and swatches

Milani is a brand I love, I have used quite a few of their products and always fallen in love with them. I have been testing out four products from them for a few months so I thought I would do mini reviews on each of the products. One thing I love about Milani is the products are always so pretty looking and the packaging is sleek.

Hylamide Pore Control Serum Review*

Wednesday, February 08, 2017
Hylamide Pore Control Serum Review, Serum for oily skin

I have been wanting a serum that would work with my oily skin and my pores around my nose. Hylamide is fast becoming one of my favourite skincare brands. They have so many ranges to suit all skin types. The Hylamide Pore Control Serum has definitely made its way into my skincare routine and I actually notice a difference when using it. I find with alot of skincare products they can feel nice on my skin but I barely notice a difference to my skin. 

The Hylamide Pore Control Serum is designed to reduce oil whilst still helping your skin to retain water and hydration. It also helps to minimize pores and reduce congestion. The serum itself is milky white in colour and it doesn't have that greasy feel like most serums. I have been applying this every night before bed for two months now and my skin looks so much better since using it. I love how quickly this sinks into my skin and it dries to a matte finish. When I apply it to my skin it has a cooling feeling which makes my skin feel refreshed. I have sensitive skin on my cheeks and this hasn't irritated them at all.

Usually when I wake up in a morning my skin is slightly shiny but after a few weeks of using the serum I was noticing each morning my skin wasn't shiny at all. This is by far the best serum at controlling my oil. My pores look healthier and my skin just has an overall brighter complexion. 

I tend to use a mattifying serum in the evening and a hydrating one in the morning to help keep my skin balanced. I cannot recommend this serum enough for anyone who suffers with oily skin or large pores. If you are after a quick drying serum that actually makes a difference to your skin the Hylamide Pore Control Serum is the one for you.

It retails for £23.00 for 30ml. As I said I have been using this serum every night for two months and I still haven't finished the bottle. It is 100% worth the price. You can buy the Hylamide Pore Control Serum from the Deciem Website or on many other online retailers.

*This post includes PR Samples, NOTE all views are my own and my honest opinion. If I don't like a product or have any negative views I will put them on my blog.

Battle Of The Nudes | Pink VS Brown Nudes | Includes Swatches

Monday, February 06, 2017
Nude Lipsticks, Nude Lipstick Swatches, Nude Lipsticks for pale skin
Who doesn't love a nude lip? Years ago a nude lipstick was one colour but now it can range from simple skin colour nudes, pinks, browns and more. I have narrowed it done to my Top 10 Nude shades and thought I would do my pinks vs brown/skin nudes and of course you know me I have swatches of every shade for you. I have included a mixture of matte, glossy and semi matte finishes so you can find your perfect nude.