Friday, 22 July 2016

Product's I've Changed My Mind On

Beauty Products Worth The Hype
When going through my makeup collection recently I decided to have a big clear out. I wanted to throw away products I don't use or don't like anymore. When I buy products sometimes I love or hate them, then a few months later my opinion changes. These are five products I have really changed my mind on, some are good and some are just awful.

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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

20 Random Facts You Didn't Know About Me

20 Random Facts You Didn't Know About Me

I have been blogging for nearly two years now and I recently realised I have never done a get to know me post or a random facts post so I thought it was about time I changed that. I can't believe I have been running EmmysBeautyCave for nearly two years, It has gone so fast. Most of you who read my blog will know I started my blog due to being off long term sick for the past two years after having major reconstruction surgery. If it wasn't for my blog I don't know how I would of coped. 

#1. I was born in Reading but moved to Lancaster (North West) when I was four with my parents. The rest of my family are all still in Reading.
#2. Im 24, yes 24 I feel so old but when I was at the hospital a few weeks ago with no makeup on someone thought I had only recently left school!!
#3. I have a sister 8 years older than me. 
#4. I have a nephew who is 9.
#5. I have 3 tattoo's, definitely want more!
#6. Im obsessed with Disney, Little Mermaid is my ultimate fave.
#7. I HATE vegetables, I never liked them when I was young and I still don't now. 
#8. I have been in a long term relationship for over 6 years. 
#9. Im scared of goldfish, I don't know why but I can't even look at them. Even on TV I can't look at them!
#10. Im the joker, I would rather make a joke and make people laugh than sit and cry it's just how I am. 

#11. I have been hit by a car, it wasn't pleasant and is the reason I have needed surgeries. 
#12. I am clumsy, I literally end up in A&E on a yearly basis. From falling downstairs, burning myself, Appendix and plenty more!
#13. Im only just starting to feel confident in my own body, im a size 14 have a small waist but wide hips... Jeans hate me! 
#14. I was once on holiday, went to a waterpark at then end of a slide my boyfriend noticed my boob had come out... yes, yes there were plenty of people around *mortified* 
#15. On my 18th birthday I went to a cash point, walked back to the car got in to find I had sat in someone else's car! My mum and sister watched me the whole time and didn't stop me!!
#16. I don't know what im going to do next career wise when im mobile and fit to work again. 
#17. Im going to NY in November and haven't been more excited!
#18. I love concerts, I have seen Usher, Rihanna, Jason Derulo, Enrique and will be seeing Justin Bieber in October.
#19. I have been to Cuba, Malta, Cyprus, Ibiza, Mallorca and Jamaica. 
#20. Cheese is my life, I can't get enough especially Halloumi! 

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a little better!

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Monday, 18 July 2016

Lee Stafford My Big Fat Root Boost Review

Lee Stafford My Big Fat Root Boost Review

A boost to the roots is something 90% of us need whether your hair is thick or fine. I have extremely thick long hair and find due to the weight of my hair it pulls my roots so they become flat whilst the rest of my hair still has this extreme volume and thickness. People who have thin hair need a boost on the roots to help add volume to their hair and make it appear thicker. When I saw the Lee Stafford My Big Fat Root Boost in Boots I knew I had to try it and I was quite excited. 

Friday, 15 July 2016

10 Under £10 | Drugstore Top Picks

Top Ten Drugstore Beauty Products

Don't get me wrong I am a girl that owns alot of high end products but nothing beats when you find a product that works better than high end products and save yourself a fortune! Most of my foundations are high end as I find they work better and are better quality but there are alot of drugstore gems out there!